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everything is settled now.  i have everything i wanted.

i am a woman of simple needs.  i need shelter.  i need entertainment, and i’m happy whether it’s a morning with cereal and crochet hooks, or an afternoon with an almanac, or a night at a sports bar.  i need the occasional really nice meal, and i’m delighted to dirty my own hands making it.  i need a soft place to sleep, and it’s nice to have periodic company there.  i need to be able to go out and buy a bag of cherries now and then.

i have all of those things, and then some.

it was kind of a near thing.  not too near, not dangerously so, but a little closer than i’d have liked.  and i am not a risk-taker, so i’m pleased that on this extraordinarily rare occasion on which i took a significant risk, it all worked out nicely, conventional wisdom be damned.


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a dear friend of mine recently made a major life change, and while things aren’t turning out quite as she planned, and in some ways i think she finds herself a little disappointed, she mentioned that she finds it necessary to remind herself of the elements of her new life that make her happy.

i don’t feel disappointed, but i have found that things aren’t quite unfolding the way i expected them to.  in some ways that’s wonderful, and in other ways it’s a little worrisome — sometimes it’s a lot worrisome.

in the meantime, i’m just going to remember that the sunlight is beautiful when it comes in through our windows.  that i have a whole lot of loved ones within easy reach.  that buying a skein of yarn or a bunch of fresh basil fills me with utter joy.  that the kids on my little street seem so joyful when they’re riding up and down on their bikes.  that thanksgiving and christmas are right around the corner.  that i am so fortunate to be in relatively OK financial shape, for the time being.  that there’s nothing to compare to how a batch of cookies smells when it comes out of the oven.  that the throw pillows on our sofa are so comfy.

i’ve got a lot to be happy about.

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