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it’s a glorious reprise we’ve entered.  the echoes of earlier days, but so much brighter now.

this is one of the best playlists i’ve ever made:

  1. arctic monkeys (505)
  2. belle and sebastian (if she wants me; my wandering days are over)
  3. the blow (parentheses)
  4. bonobo feat. fink (if you stayed over)
  5. coldplay (everything’s not lost)
  6. the decemberists (red right ankle)
  7. depeche mode (dream on)
  8. feist (one evening)
  9. fleet foxes (your protector)
  10. ingrid michaelson (you and i)
  11. jem (yellow)
  12. joan osborne (i’ll be around)
  13. across the universe sdtrk (with a little help from my friends)
  14. josé gonzález (heartbeats)
  15. kate tucker & the sons of sweden (faster than cars)
  16. koop (come to me)
  17. laura marling (new romantic; ghosts)
  18. OK Go (oh lately it’s so quiet)
  19. regina spektor (fidelity; the call; blue lips; one more time with feeling; eet; real love)
  20. st. vincent (these days)
  21. the submarines (swimming pool; you me and the bourgeoisie)

in july it was a little masochistic.  now every moment of it makes me smile.


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