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a few years ago, when i was indescribably sad, this place made me indescribably happy.

i’d like to get back there soon.


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this post, i think, is little more than an aimless update on some pleasant things:

i had an absolutely lovely night last night.  it started with a little leftover filet mignon, melt-in-your mouth delicious and flecked with peppercorns.  it continued with whiskey and mint and god knows how many meyer lemons.  it continued with harpoon crystal wheat, which as of yesterday is my new favorite beer, and which i just learned to my sorrow is a limited edition only available through september.  go ahead, break my heart, harpoon.  break my heart.

i’ve had some absolutely delightful things to drink lately.  molly and i made this wonderful cucumber water with mint and gin a couple weeks ago, and we’re eager to try it with basil or rosemary instead of mint.  recently i also became acquainted with spanish coffee, which, in addition to coffee, involves rum, kahlua, cinnamon, sugar, and plenty of fresh whipped cream on top.

lily allen continues to impress me.  i know i’m about a year late, but i’ve really been enjoying “not fair” and “22.”  also, i just discovered air traffic last week.  it was a weekend morning and i was dozing in dan’s bed while he was in the shower, and all of a sudden, somewhere between nightmare of you and kay kay and his weathered underground, i heard this extraordinary, heavenly SOMETHING.  absolutely angelic.

i’m craving this for dinner.  i don’t have any chard, so it will necessitate a trip to the grocery store.  which will tempt me with kettle chips.  worse things have happened.

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there are buds beginning to ripen and burst all over my neighborhood.  from the forsythias on my block, to the peach tree that belongs to that sweet old man on warner street who offered me fruit from his harvest when i first moved here, there’s been a little more life around these parts over the last few days.

i’ve had a lot of life around me for the last week.  last wednesday some of the people i love best spent an evening with me over cocktails and/or steak fries in celebration of my birthday.  last saturday some more of the people i love best helped me fill my house with laughter and food and plenty of good cheer.  and on sunday i spent the day drawing with crayons and eating dinner mints with an almost-six year old who showed off his brand new tooth and proclaimed that if he were president, he’d help people avoid foreclosure.

after staying late at work for a few days in a row, i decided i was entitled to leave a mere half-hour late today.  i took the opportunity of arriving in my neighborhood while it was still 80 degrees and sunny to explore a bit.  tried on a marvelous peach dress that broke my heart when i found it was made for someone two inches shorter and fifteen pounds lighter.  sipped a thai iced tea at diesel cafe, the place that made me feel least like a transplant when i first moved here.  walked by signs heralding microbrews, the red sox, and a dozen types of homemade ravioli at the corner bar, and smiled to myself thinking about my plans for tomorrow: d. and c. make ravioli, la troisième fois (est la bonne?).  moseyed home in my flip-flops.  leftover gazpacho, day three — still just as good, this time with a dollop of sour cream on top, while i sat in my room and watched the daylight fade into a warm spring night.

this is my favorite time of year for a reason.

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happy lunchtime, everyone.

i feel like i’ve been on a spaceship.  the last hours, day, two days have flown by.  the first part of the week was tooth-pullingly slow.  that einstein fellow was onto something.  but it’s a damn good thing these days have been going by quickly, because  in my immediate circle of friends, over the last two days we’ve had: illness; lost house keys; set off building alarms (two of them, one requiring an evacuation); diverted traffic; a day’s worth of lost work; relocations and other assorted life changes; a misplaced coffee order; and SNOW.

i have become the keeper, the foster mother, of the wayward excel documents, but in more sad news, this month i will have to abandon them for six very time-sensitive projects.  alas, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

on the bright side, i have a MAGICAL new corkscrew thanks to dan in honor of my birthday, and ventured to get myself an itrip and an ipod dock.  this renders my enormous CD book obsolete, as dan rightly pointed out.  it’s the end of an era.  a dangerous era in which I was trading ben folds for talib kweli while either cruising down the highway at 75 mph or swerving to avoid reckless pedestrians and thoughtless boston taxicabs — but an era, nonetheless.

and i have pretty excellent birthday plans in the works, to wit: mixed drinks; gazpacho; general merriment; better weather (ARE YOU LISTENING, CLIMATE?).  so there is a lot to look forward to.

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i baked a birthday cake

it has pretty flowers


–with thanks to smitten kitchen.

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i’m returning in force lately, aren’t i?  maybe it is just the time of year.  (or maybe it’s the time of man.  i don’t know who i am, but you know, life is for learning.  apologies to joni mitchell.)

this beautiful offering from paul simon got a shoutout from me around this time last year, but for a different reason.  and now there’s no reason at all, just that i am immersing myself in some music i haven’t heard in a while.

for reasons i cannot explain,
there’s some part of me wants to see graceland.
i may be obliged to defend every love, every ending,
or maybe there’s no obligations now.
maybe i’ve reason to believe we all will be received in graceland.

and it’s been nearly two years since i heard christine mcvie wrap her voice around these words — not since a really lovely night in a part of my life that’s now passed — but i am immeasurably sorry that i let the song slip away for so long.

and the songbirds are singing like they know the score
and i love you, i love you, i love you like never before.

there are also a few that i’ve studiously avoided.  i’m going to try to stop that, because it’s bad for me.

do you think you could
answer all the questions in the world with just one word?
i think you could.

and if you do not want to see me again, i would understand.

i’d say my music library qualifies as “pretty badass.”

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last night i had a series of such strange dreams, so interconnected with each other and with real life than when i woke up, i had a hard time telling what was real and what was a dream.

it was sunny out, stunningly bright and beautiful.  i woke up warm and cool and happy in dan’s shirt from last night.  we spent an extravagant, luxurious amount of time waking up, and  my dreams interspersed the whole morning.  sometimes we were hosting an imagined boozy breakfast for a friend’s family, sometimes we were making imagined breakfast plans of our own, sometimes acquaintances intruded with interrogatories.  but throughout, it was still sunny and beautiful, and i was still wearing his white oxford.

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