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there are necessities and reminders:

a stack of library books.  pictures, postcards.  a wedding announcement.  a pair of champagne flutes.

a carnation.  it’s been there for two weeks.  it’s still in full bloom.

i had thought that in this time it would have slumped in the vase, its blush would have faded, its petals would have dried and fallen.  i had thought that after this time, it would be gone.

i had thought something else would be gone, too.

so i’m going to keep an eye on that carnation.  i’m going to wait for it to wither.  i’m going to wait for the water to dry, for the stem to thin, for the leaves to curl back and drop away.

and when it does…  i’m going to take it as a sign.


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a life lesson i’ve absorbed over the last week or so: trying too hard doesn’t work.

i watched garden state for the second time ever last night.  the first time it felt all… profound.   it was during a bout of serious depression a little over three years ago.  afterwards, i went out and bought it and haven’t been able to bring myself to watch it since.  until last night.

this time i didn’t think it was all deep and… stuff.  i just thought it was really heavy-handed, and it left me sort of emotionally confused.

so.  quilts.  curly fries at cambridge common.  truly terribly films featuring bill pullman as a fighter pilot president.

and that, as they say, is the way we get by.

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