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things that have made my week bad, and things that have made my bad week worse:

  • obstreporousness.
  • inefficiency.
  • miscommunication.
  • days with 24 hours in them, and weeks with seven days, and two day weekends.
  • short notice.
  • unknown unknowns.
  • cross-purposes.
  • insufficiently unobtrusive overlap boxes.
  • ringing in my twenty-fourth year with a nosebleed.

things that have made my bad week slightly less bad:

  • listmaking.
  • herbes de provence.
  • my beloved coworkers.
  • incrementally nicer weather.
  • getting shit done.

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Usually I like reading the Citizen Cohn blog on The New Republic — well, I like it when Jonathan Cohn’s writing.  But today: a piece of absolute drivel from Ed Kilgore, writing about a Jerry Brown aide calling Meg Whitman a whore.

The “whore” controversy, stupid as it may seem, represents a whole host of semi-subliminal issues. The subtext of the Brown staffer’s slur was Whitman’s decision to exempt police officers from one of her few specific proposals for reducing debt and spending, the elimination of defined benefit pensions for public employees. If she did that to secure a key endorsement, that’s worth knowing. The claim also undercuts another key Whitman talking point, her effort to make her unprecedented personal spending on her campaign a badge of her independence from interest groups, in sharp contrast to the union-dependent Brown. On her own part, the Republican candidate is frantically trying to turn this into a gender issue, for the very good reason that she’s a pro-choice woman fighting a pro-Democratic gender gap. She’s certainly not the first female candidate to seek to benefit from perceptions of puerile or insensitive indicators of chauvinism by a male opponent.

I don’t even know where to start. First of all, I’m not aware of any indication that Whitman has tried to make this a gender issue; she made a statement lamenting the use of “slurs and personal attacks” in politics.  Secondly, I’m sorry, but when you call a female candidate a “whore,” the subtext isn’t any fucking debate about exemptions for spending cut proposals, the subtext is that you’re calling her a whore because it’s an easy slur to remind everyone that she’s a woman.  Perhaps Kilgore just isn’t familiar with the fact that, despite those 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling, female politicians still aren’t taken as seriously as male politicians.  “She’ll push the button while she’s PMS-ing” ring any bells?  Guess what, you asshole, these ARE puerile and insensitive indicators of chauvinism, but you’re too mired in privilege to get it.


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yesterday i mulled over how volatile my emotions have been this week.  i was unnerved by my own ability to veer wildly from feeling to feeling.

in the last thirty hours, it has only gotten worse.  my mind is laying down successive strata of mid-grade anxiety — all for good reasons — and now they’re accruing into full-blown… something.  i feel trapped, smothered, panicked, as if these strata are layers of concrete and i am underneath them.  and panic brings with it a peculiar set of reactions.  i have been furious, disconsolate.  i’ve fallen into fits of laughter.  to tell the truth, i seem a bit mad.

what i think i need — any combination will do, but the last item is mandatory:

  • a mug of hot cider
  • a football game
  • knitting
  • help
  • grilled cheese
  • a trip to montague
  • lots of hugs
  • a break.

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people should be beating down my doors to move into this gorgeous apartment.  i am so lucky.

so where the hell is everyone and why am i on the hook for this month’s rent all by my lonesome?


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i won’t go on a long tirade about how obnoxious the recent facebook changes are.  although it does drive me crazy that it entirely squelches any iota of creativity in how i talk about myself.  but that’s not my biggest beef.

i don’t usually get all up in arms about the privacy thing, but this is a problem.  i can’t quote verbatim, but here is the gist.  “if you do not link to any of these pages, these sections in your profile will be blank.  by making these connections, you are making them public.”  so if i want any information to be displayed, i have to make it public to EVERYONE.

i liked the old customization.  it was a disastrous, misleading rubik’s cube, but i pretty much had it figured out.  got people you feel socially compelled to be “friends” with on your profile but don’t really want them to know everything about you?  put them on a list and customize.  that’s not possible now. leaving aside that maybe i really only wanted my close friends to know what music i like and where i work, this has some actual concrete consequences.

how about this one: somebody who’s just left an abusive relationship?

before, that person could have continued (for simplicity’s sake, let’s say “her”) social networking in a pretty uninterrupted fashion.  block the old (for the sake of simplicity, let’s say “boyfriend”) and all of his friends and family, or put them on limited profile and customize her privacy settings and move on.

now, if she wants anyone — her own friends, her family — to know her interests, the name of her job, or for god’s sakes, her CURRENT CITY, she has to “like” that “page.”  and that information is publicly available, not just to all of your friends, but to everyone on facebook.  she can’t use facebook at all without the constant fear that awful mcwifebeater is breathing down her neck.

i recognize that this is a first-world problem.  she can just leave facebook.  but doesn’t that kind of suck?  zuckerberg has claimed to be all about privacy, but i think we know it’s all crap. it’s just too bad he’s completely gutted what was kind of a useful and interesting tool.

eta: in her comments below, vividprodigy points out some helpful privacy functionality that hadn’t yet kicked in for my profile after the changeover. so i will amend my above complaints to simply: it’s an extraordinary limitation on creativity and originality, and it sets an expectation that facebook ought to be product- or interest-centered instead of centered on the individual.  and if facebook isn’t good for navel-gazing, then what the hell IS it good for?! 🙂

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happy lunchtime, everyone.

i feel like i’ve been on a spaceship.  the last hours, day, two days have flown by.  the first part of the week was tooth-pullingly slow.  that einstein fellow was onto something.  but it’s a damn good thing these days have been going by quickly, because  in my immediate circle of friends, over the last two days we’ve had: illness; lost house keys; set off building alarms (two of them, one requiring an evacuation); diverted traffic; a day’s worth of lost work; relocations and other assorted life changes; a misplaced coffee order; and SNOW.

i have become the keeper, the foster mother, of the wayward excel documents, but in more sad news, this month i will have to abandon them for six very time-sensitive projects.  alas, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

on the bright side, i have a MAGICAL new corkscrew thanks to dan in honor of my birthday, and ventured to get myself an itrip and an ipod dock.  this renders my enormous CD book obsolete, as dan rightly pointed out.  it’s the end of an era.  a dangerous era in which I was trading ben folds for talib kweli while either cruising down the highway at 75 mph or swerving to avoid reckless pedestrians and thoughtless boston taxicabs — but an era, nonetheless.

and i have pretty excellent birthday plans in the works, to wit: mixed drinks; gazpacho; general merriment; better weather (ARE YOU LISTENING, CLIMATE?).  so there is a lot to look forward to.

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realizations, of late:

glaciosity is stupid.  ben harper should stop stealing kisses and find himself a girl whose kisses are freely given.

most of the time singlehood is fine, but i just spilled ice cream on my thigh.  what a complete waste of that moment.

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