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things that have made my week bad, and things that have made my bad week worse:

  • obstreporousness.
  • inefficiency.
  • miscommunication.
  • days with 24 hours in them, and weeks with seven days, and two day weekends.
  • short notice.
  • unknown unknowns.
  • cross-purposes.
  • insufficiently unobtrusive overlap boxes.
  • ringing in my twenty-fourth year with a nosebleed.

things that have made my bad week slightly less bad:

  • listmaking.
  • herbes de provence.
  • my beloved coworkers.
  • incrementally nicer weather.
  • getting shit done.

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annie lennox has found herself back into my recently played, under happier circumstances this time.  she’s still my 80s rock diva alter-ego.

i don’t care if stella and jed are annoyed by my exuberant singing, it’s my last night here.  and stella plays her music really loudly on a regular basis.  sometimes it’s the same indistinguishable emo crap for hours on end, and sometimes she pumps “sweet child of mine” at 9:00 on a saturday morning.

i’m going to go live by the ocean.  and i’m going to fucking work there too.

rum & lemonade > vodka & lemonade?  i’m going to keep taste testing until i decide.

he was right, i was the best one.  i still am.

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