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everything is settled now.  i have everything i wanted.

i am a woman of simple needs.  i need shelter.  i need entertainment, and i’m happy whether it’s a morning with cereal and crochet hooks, or an afternoon with an almanac, or a night at a sports bar.  i need the occasional really nice meal, and i’m delighted to dirty my own hands making it.  i need a soft place to sleep, and it’s nice to have periodic company there.  i need to be able to go out and buy a bag of cherries now and then.

i have all of those things, and then some.

it was kind of a near thing.  not too near, not dangerously so, but a little closer than i’d have liked.  and i am not a risk-taker, so i’m pleased that on this extraordinarily rare occasion on which i took a significant risk, it all worked out nicely, conventional wisdom be damned.


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you know, stasis is really my thing.  i can enjoy being almost anywhere.  i can enjoy crowd and countryside, constant diversion and utter peace.  i can withstand smog and isolation.  such is the life of a country mouse-turned-city mouse.

traveling from place to place is something entirely different.  two hours in a car.  five hours on a bus.  an hour in south station.  two more hours on a bus.  a half hour walk.

but after all that, when i finally arrived at my destination, there were smiles and hugs and homemade clam chowder and salad and a glass of wine with my name on it.

traveling, i have come to believe, is like carrot cake.  it’s worth picking your way around all the nuts you can’t eat, as long as you get to smear the frosting all over your face afterwards.

ok, so it’s not a perfect metaphor.

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